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  • House rules

    • Please do not eat a meal at least one hour prior to your yoga class.
    • Please arrive in time, at least 5 minutes before the lesson starts.
    • Respect the silence in the studio.
    • Bring your own yoga (anti-slip) mat. Bring a meditation cushion or blanket if you desire.
    • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and socks.
    • Please turn of your mobile phone during the lesson.
    • Do not drink (much) water during the lesson, but do drink water after your lesson.
    • If applicable, we follow the Covid-19 rules from the Dutch Government, all students are informed by email.

What if I miss a class

If you cannot attend a lesson, we appreciate your message.

Make up for a missed lesson

Twice per term you may make up for a missed class, if a place is available in another group, within the same term.
How it works.
Please notify your absence 24 hours in advance. If a place is available we will make a reservation for you.

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