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About us

My name is Corinne Broeder-van Zoest. I conduct the Dutch and English spoken yoga classes.
I live in Voorschoten, I am married and I have two children.

I practice yoga since 1994 and I have completed my yoga teacher education at Osmose Institute in The Hague, Holland.
I also have participated in various yoga workshops and courses and I have been taking lessons in Hatha and Raja yoga.
I attend yoga classes and training on a regular basis.
Yoga has become a pleasant way of life.

In addition to my yoga education I have practiced Reiki since 2007.
In July 2014, I completed my Reiki Master training.

By the University of Cambridge I was awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in English. 
I bring my interests in yoga and English together by providing English spoken yoga lessons in my hometown Voorschoten and surroundings (Leiden area).

In Voorschoten quite a lot of people do not speak Dutch as their first language.
It is my pleasure to offer them the possibility to share the joy of yoga with us, because "Home is where the heart is"!

Yoga means to unite: Dutch and English spoken people are warmly invited to attend our bilingual lessons.

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why we are a member of SYN

SYN is short for Samenwerkende Yogadocenten Nederland, an alliance of yoga teachers in the Netherlands.
The classical yoga teachings as described by the sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutra's are a guide line for our nowadays teachings.

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