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Reiki treatment Voorschoten

During a Reiki treatment at Yogaclass, universal life energy (Ki) is passed on to you by direct or indirect contact with the hands of the Reiki master. Then the energy finds its own way, like water flows to the lowest point by itself. Many people experience a deep relaxation with Reiki.  The energy that is passed on strengthens your self-healing ability.

We believe it is important you feel safe and comfortable with us. Therefore appointments about the duration and kind of treatment will be made, prior to start of the Reiki treatment.  You can receive Reiki laying down or sitting in a chair, through direct or indirect touch, with or without music etc.  Another possibility is a Reiki distance treatment, where your physical presence is not needed. 

During and after a Reiki treatment you will experience a deep and refreshing relaxation. A lot of our clients told us they sleep better after a Reiki treatment. Also a better insight in yourself and peace of mind are reported frequently as a result of Reiki treatments.

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