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Breathing and relaxation program

With our special Breathing and Relaxation program we offer you a unique method for stress relieve, different from yoga or Mindfulness. A natural breath calms the mind, effective relaxation helps you to cope with life’s daily stress better.
The workshops are suitable for everyone. The exercises are easy to perform, some are especially designed for every day life.
We work with instructions from the method of Dr. Van Dixhoorn, who designed the Breathing and Relaxation Therapy (AOT in Dutch).

Breathing and relaxation Workshops

Support your wellbeing with our Breathing and relaxation workshops. Learn how to relax, restore and recharge in daily life. We offer this program in 6 lessons of 1,5 hours. We hope to see you at our next workshop!

Updates about the next workshop will be announced on this page. If you are interested please let us know and we will keep you informed. 




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