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Individual tuiton

If you cannot make the regular classes the private lessons are ideal to suit your needs through in-person classes or livestreams. Each lesson can be tailor made to your specific requirements, because we are all different so we all need a different approach. It is my pleasure to compose an individual lesson for you in such a way, that it will help you to create equilibrium and tranquility in Yoga. In this way  you will benefit from your practice not only on the mat, but also in your daily life.

In the individual lessons we can work with different elements from Yoga, Reiki and Breath & Relaxation program, according to your needs;

  • movement & yoga postures
  • breath awareness
  • concentration
  • meditation
  • relaxation techniques.

Additionaly, we can record a personal relaxation or Yoga Nidra for you. You can use this at home to improve your sleep and allover health.

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