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Hatha Yoga

Yoga Style

Hatha Yoga is the most common and popular form of yoga in the Netherlands. In hatha yoga we practice asana's, yoga postures.  Through flowing movements we gently find our way into postures and "pranayama", the regulation of breath and life energy. Ha(karam) means sun, Tha(karam) means moon. The sun refers to the masculine, hot and active elements, the moon to the feminine, cool and receptive elements in all of us.
Yoga means union. A union between body, mind and soul and a union between the individual and the universal energies.
Hatha yoga is a path to create balance in ourselves. It helps us to build strength, flexibility and stamina.

The culmination of Hatha yoga is Raja yoga, the so called Royal Path. This 8-fold path is described by the sage Patañjali in his "Yoga Sutra's", a classical textbook on the path to enjoying lasting peace.
Our lessons are inspired by this classical yoga philosophy, translated to our modern times.

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